Birmingham On Rails Train

Birmingham On Rails 2020

January 31 at McWane Science Center in Birmingham, AL


Stephan Hagemann

Morning Keynote

Stephan has built a career helping organizations like Humana and Volkswagen rethink their approach to software and cloud based architectures. In his recent book, Component-based Rails Applications, he outlines best practices for pushing Ruby to new levels of performance and maintainability.

Sandi Metz

Closing Keynote

In the past 30+ years, Sandi has written innumerable applications, many of which are still running today. Sandi has spoken about SOLID, object-oriented design, and refactoring at international Ruby conferences since 2009 and has written two books Practical Object-Oriented Design and 99 Bottles of OOP.


Ratnadeep Deshmane

The story of Rails!

Craig Kerstiens

Postgres at any Scale

Anthony Crumley

Site Reliability on Rails

Claudio B.

Validating and processing the content of a file with Active Storage

Yulia Oletskaya

RPC Frameworks Overview - A Ruby Perspective

Ben Greenberg

What's Love Got To Do With It? Ruby and Sentiment Analysis


We'll be in downtown Birmingham at McWane Science Center. The McWane Science Center is located alongside the Pizits Food Hall. Looking for more? The McWane Science Center is only blocks away from several of Birmingham's best resturants, bars and coffee shops.

Parking tokens provided for McWance Science Center parking deck.

McWane Science Center

2020 Sponsors

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Code of Conduct

We want Birmingham On Rails to be a safe space for everyone. All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at the conference and conference-related events are required to abide by the code of conduct.

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